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7.1 / 10
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Comedy / Sitcom
Premiered in 2016 - Status: Returning TV Show
Last episode : 4x10 - Aired on 2021-01-28
Season 1: dispo sur C+
Season 2: dispo sur C+
Season 3: le 26 juin sur OCS
Season 4: 10 épisodes | le 2 février sur OCS
Season 5: commandée
When former college acquaintance Chantal goes missing, five self-absorbed 20-somethings get entangled in the ominous mystery of her disappearance. Leading the search party is Dory, a lifelong doormat who works as a rich housewife's assistant. Dory makes it her personal mission to find Chantal and she's bringing her friends into the investigation with her. Self-diagnosed narcissist Elliott, who puts his ego aside to help Dory, is particularly good at detective work. Bubbly actress Portia excels at chatting up suspects for information because of her desperate need to be in the spotlight. Sheltered Drew has to grow a spine to help solve the mystery and save his deteriorating relationship with Dory. Dory's ex-boyfriend Julian seeks the truth because of his background as a journalist.
Video posted by and linked by Caféine
Dory Sief:
Drew Gardner:
Elliott Goss:
Portia Davenport:
Julian Marcus:
Season 4
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1

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