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Diplomatic Immunity
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Tattoo You
Aired on: 2009-03-24
In an attempt to buy Leighton off with the baubles of power, the Fe'ausians want to make him the first ever non-Fe'ausian Aratika (high chief). Unfortunately for them, Leighton has been reading his MC Hamer (the German anthropologist and expert on Fe'ausian customs) so he is only too happy to accept their offer because he knows being an Aratika will give him direct access to the King on matters where the good name of Fe'ausi is being besmirched. Unfortunately for Leighton, Mick unearths an appendix to the MC Hamer which outlines the gruesome and humiliating rituals prospective Aratikas used to have to undergo. Jonah decides it is high time these rituals made a comeback. (thetvdb.com)
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