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Army Of The Dead
Aired on: 2021-05-23
After several superhero movies and lots of heated discussions online, Zack Snyder is returning to the genre that helped launch his directing career: zombies. Army of the Dead (not a sequel to Dawn of the Dead) is definitely not going to be as controversial as his DC films, but is it a better movie? Army of the Dead definitely raises some questions. Like is everything so blurry? Why did Tanaka plan a fake heist when he could have just hired them for the thing he really wanted? Why are some zombies robots?! Why does everyone let Martin roam around free when they all suspect he’s up to something. Why didn’t Martin leave once he had what he came for and was standing by the exit? How were they planning on transporting all that cash? How did the Alpha catch up to their helicopter on a horse? (thetvdb.com)
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