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Brian Cox
Star in a TV Show:
Jack Langrishe in
Deadwood (2004)
Harry Montebello in
The Straits (2012)
McGrath in
Out (1978)
Major Hogan in
Sharpe (1993)
Mikhail Kutuzov in
War and Peace (2016) (2015)
Bernardo Guadagni in
I Medici (2016)
Marlon Brando in
Urban Myths (2017)
Logan Roy in
Succession (2018)
Star in a Movie:
Captain O'Hagan in Super Troopers 2 (2018)
Winston Churchill in Churchill (2017)
Jim Bryce in Morgan (2016)
Admiral Porter in Pixels (2015)
James McCurdy in Forsaken (2015)
Dr. Langham in The Anomaly (2014)
Alan Watts (voice) in Her (2013)
Ivan in RED 2 (2013)
Sebastian in Mindscape (2013)
Lenny Fairburn in Blood (2012)
Menenius in Coriolanus (2012)
Albany in Ironclad (2011)
Ivan Simanov in RED (2010)
Action 12 Reporter (voice) in Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
Melvin Belli in Zodiac (2007)
Alec Hewett in Match Point (2005)
Joe Reisert in Red Eye (2005)
King Agamemnon in Troy (2004)
William Stryker in X2 (2003)
Robert McKee in Adaptation. (2002)
James Brogan in 25th Hour (2002)
Richard Morgan in The Ring (2002)
Captain O'Hagan in Super Troopers (2001)
Dr. Nelson Guggenheim in Rushmore (1998)
Captain Jeremiah Cassidy in Desperate Measures (1998)
Chief Hatfield, Durham P.D. in Kiss the Girls (1997)
Argyle Wallace in Braveheart (1995)
Peter Kerrigan in Hidden Agenda (1990)
Dr. Hannibal Lecktor in Manhunter (1986)
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TV Show Writer:

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