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Kalifat (2020)
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Episode 2
Aired on: 2020-01-12
Fatima will help Pervin home from Syria but needs something in return; She asks Pervin to spy on her husband. One of the Swedish jihadists known as 'The Traveller' has already returned to Sweden to prepare for an attack. Can Pervin get more information about the attack and the identity of 'The Traveller'? At the same time, in the girl's room, Sulle quarrels with her sister Lisha about which of the guys in One Direction is the best looking. But Sulle is really more interested in the student assistant Ibbe, who opens the doors to a new, fascinating world. The true way. Sulle and her best friend Kerima start to rethink their lives and Ibbe begins showing them another direction. (thetvdb.com)
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