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Tourist Trap
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Episode 5
Aired on: 2019-11-25
Elaine wants Wow Wales to focus on “owning” the concept of “bad weather” so the marketing team led by Rob have their heads firmly stuck in the clouds. The lightning bolt of inspiration strikes big time as they sponsor a storm! Soon Storm Wow Wales! reaches the coast in Aberystwyth, where Gwilym points out to a sodden family of tourists just how grateful they should be for the Welsh rain. Kara is on call with advice for holidaymakers stuck in caravans while it pelts down all over the countryside. Meanwhile Nez develops a brand new accommodation app. Due to combination of weather, technical mix-up and no alternative sleeping options Elaine ends up using it and spending the night with Nez in his one bedroom flat. Just the two of them keeping shelter from a thunderstorm and watching a romcom. As night falls, Elaine and Nez are determined to keep relations professional! (thetvdb.com)
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