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Static Shock
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The Parent Trap
Aired on: 2003-05-24
Shebang returns to Dakota because she thinks her parents were kidnaped. She asks Static and Gear for help. They track down a thief who they believe is a new metahuman, but soon discover Shebang's parents helping him steal items. They learn that the metahuman is actually a former doctor that used to work with her parents. His experiments on absorbing energy go wrong transforming his body into a living rock that can absorb anything for energy. The doctor forces Shebang's parents to help him become normal again or they will be killed. A collar that can inject poison into them can be activated by remote and only the doctor knows the code to release the collars. When the cure doesn't work the doctor tries to kill the parents and then goes after Static. The doctor eventually absorbs too much and becomes immobile. Gear uses Backpack to find the code to break the locks from around Shebang's parents necks. Static announces Shebang can join the team anytime she's in Dakota. (thetvdb.com)
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