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Horace and Pete
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Episode 9
Aired on: 2016-03-26
Sylvia interviews Jerold (John Sharian) for a job at the bar, but rejects him because of an old manslaughter conviction. A couple (Haynes Thigpen and Ann Carr) who made contact online meet at the bar, with disastrous results. Kurt advises the woman that online dating doesn't work, because people bond based on a rare "chemistry" between them rather than on common interests. Tom talks about his failure as an actor and his inability to find love, leading to his alcoholism. Leon asks about Pete, and Horace says that he has been missing for a week. It is revealed that Leon is sober and drinks only apple juice, but he enjoys sitting at the bar. Horace visits Tricia in the hospital; she has been severely beaten by Pete, who has no previous history of violence. She had attempted to wean him off his medication, naively believing that their mutual love would see them through. Kurt, Sylvia and others argue over Hulk Hogan's large damages award for breach of privacy. Horace is very upset about Pete's disappearance; when Kurt attempts to joke about it Horace physically attacks him. Mayor Bill de Blasio (played by himself) pays an unexpected visit to the bar. Horace retires to Pete's room and weeps. An imaginary conversation in the bar between Pete and Uncle Pete is presented. The episode closes with a quote from the recently deceased Garry Shandling. (thetvdb.com)
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