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Whose Line is it Anyway? (US)
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Kathy Greenwood
Aired on: 2005-03-28
"Hollywood Director" has Colin directing a foxhunt with the Lady of the Manor, Kathy, who accidentally shoots the Sexy Stable Boy, Ryan. As she is removing the buck shot from his rear end, her dashing jealous fiancee, Lord Wayne, rides in with the horses and hounds. In "Dubbing", in a 1930's speakeasy, mobster Colin starts hitting on audience member Megan (whose voice is provided by Wayne), the sexy nightclub entertainer. Her boyfriend, rival mobster Ryan, breaks in. In "Scenes From a Hat", the quartet performs "Bad times to take off your pants", "Weird things to time", and "Unfortunate moments to become nauseous". "Greatest Hits" has Colin and Ryan introducing Songs of Paris, as sung by Wayne. Wayne wins, so everyone else plays "Foreign Film Dub". Drew and Kathy act out the Japanese film, "Ramen Aplenty". Ryan translates for Drew and Colin translates for Kathy. (thetvdb.com)
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