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Candice Renoir
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Evil carries repentance on its back
Aired on: 2022-05-20
Candice, discharged from the hospital, is recovering. She overplays the sick to be served like a princess by her children who are very caring. He misses his prince charming and his job but Candice and Antoine have more than one trick in their respective bags to circumvent the law they embody. While He attends the reconstruction of the murder of a family assistant, discovered eight months earlier in his vegetable garden, the skull smashed and the face in mush, Candice follows the case by iPad interposed with a certain awkwardness, but she quickly understands that the culprit is not necessarily the one who confessed. The opportunity for her to infiltrate in a funny way in the police hotel of which she is forbidden to stay, as long as she is on sick leave. (thetvdb.com)
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