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Touched by an Angel
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An Angel by Any Other Name
Aired on: 1997-05-10
Tess works for a local nursery, and Monica is a postal carrier in the middle-class neighborhood where IRS auditor Carolyn Sellers lives. An avid gardener, she is eager to have her rose hybrid officially recognized but becomes dismayed when three people with Down Syndrome move into a group home next door to her. Tess tries to convince the hardened woman to calm down and accept Taylor, Jeannie, and David for the loving, sensitive people they are, but she refuses. Andrew, the group home supervisor, is nonplused when her first encounter with Carolyn is a tactic threat to "keep those people in line." After Taylor stops Stevie Sanders, a neighborhood boy, from playing in her vintage 57 Chevy, the car rolls down the driveway, crushes Stevie's bike, and just misses a young girl due to Tess' sudden intervention. Furious, Carolyn blames Taylor and calls the police. She also works her neighbors into a frenzy to take action against the group home. The next day Taylor confides in Monica, who (thetvdb.com)
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