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Le Voyageur
(The Traveler)
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The House under the Wind
Aired on: 2021-12-07
Yann Kandinsky had met Thomas Bareski a few years ago. He in turn takes the wheel of the iconic Voyageur van, always accompanied by Bareski's dog. As the synopsis of "La Maison sous le vent", the fifth episode of the series reveals, the two police officers liked each other and had in common the visceral rejection of court decisions that lead to dismissals. After taking stock of his life - he is unattached, recently separated, blocked in his career - he decides to make himself available to the police as well. He then leaves for the Ardennes in order to solve the atrocious murder of a young woman, found beheaded in the forest. But learning is tough: an urban man does not become a "traveler" overnight living on the products of nature and barter. (thetvdb.com)
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